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How Much Should I Exercise?

As a health care professional I occasionally get asked, “How much should I exercise?”  The answer to that question can vary according to your goals.   Research shows it takes about one hour of moderate intensity level exercise per day to maintain weight loss.  But to get health...

From Intern to Wellness Trainer

It was almost three months ago when I began my internship here at the Cantrell Center.  In that time, I have learned so much from the staff here and have built relationships with so many of this facility’s members.  I have spent the past four years at Valdosta State University...

An Illustrated Thank You

Seeing a patient return to the work they love is one of the most rewarding experiences a hand therapist can have. The hand is such a unique and complex “tool”. We take our abilities for granted until they are temporarily taken away from us.  Recovering lost abilities, whether...