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An Illustrated Thank You

Seeing a patient return to the work they love is one of the most rewarding experiences a hand therapist can have. The hand is such a unique and complex “tool”. We take our abilities for granted until they are temporarily taken away from us.  Recovering lost abilities, whether...

Incredible Turnout for Dr. Jeshuran’s ‘Lunch & Learn’ Seminar on Managing Neck & Back Pain

We had an incredible turnout for Dr. Jeshuran’s Lunch and Learn seminar on Wednesday, June 21st. Dr. Jeshuran was accompanied by his wife, Katie, who is a nurse at Georgia Spine and Orthopedics. Dr. Jeshuran spoke about “The Management of Neck and Back Pain” and...

Do You Want to Get Better?

Written by: Tassie Cantrell, PT, CEO/Pres We have the BEST patients because they REALLY want to get better. Do you want to get better? That is a very important question.  At its most basic level, Physical Therapy utilizes a variety of techniques, exercises and machines to help...