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Incredible Turnout for Dr. Jeshuran’s ‘Lunch & Learn’ Seminar on Managing Neck & Back Pain

We had an incredible turnout for Dr. Jeshuran’s Lunch and Learn seminar on Wednesday, June 21st. Dr. Jeshuran was accompanied by his wife, Katie, who is a nurse at Georgia Spine and Orthopedics. Dr. Jeshuran spoke about “The Management of Neck and Back Pain” and...

Do You Want to Get Better?

Written by: Tassie Cantrell, PT, CEO/Pres We have the BEST patients because they REALLY want to get better. Do you want to get better? That is a very important question.  Physical Therapy uses treatment techniques that provide symptom relief and this is…wonderful!!!  These...

Not One Drop

What follows is primarily for females.  Most of us, at some point in our lives, live in dread of sudden sneezes or coughs especially with a full bladder. Leakage isn’t funny, but it happens over time and after birthing babies. Leakage, a common problem primarily for females...