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My First Experience with PRI

Written by: Brianna Proctor, DPT, ATC What is PRI? I asked myself the exact same thing less than a year ago… In August of 2016 I started working at the Cantrell Center for Physical Therapy.  This is my first physical therapist job since graduating from Mercer University in May. ...

Continuing Clinical Education: Pelvis Restoration

  Our therapists are always continuing their education for our patients!  JamieLochner, DPT, PRC; Cindy, PTA, PRC; and Adrian Baker, DPT, PRC attended a PRI course on Pelvis Restoration in Las Vegas, NV in mid-September.

Continuing Clinical Education: Best in Athletic Footwear

The clinical staff goes through an athletic shoe review with Run Fit Sports. Continuously trying to advise on the best in athletic footwear, the Cantrell Center frequently teams-up with Run Fit Sports to collaborate on what is best….and what’s not!