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Tassie Cantrell speaks to the Warner Robins Professional and Business Women’s Club

On Thursday, January 27th, President & CEO of the Cantrell Center, Tassie Cantrell, was invited to be the guest speaker at the Warner Robins Business and Professional Women’s Club.  The mission of the club is to “Achieve equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy,...

Aquatic Physical Therapy Our Way

Written by: Lola Rosenbaum, DPT | Posted by: Jen Zamora Aquatic physical therapy is an important part of rehabilitation for patients who have limited tolerance to land-based exercise programs.  The buoyancy of the water coupled with the therapeutic effect of the heated pool,...

Continuing Clinical Education: Best in Athletic Footwear

The clinical staff goes through an athletic shoe review with Run Fit Sports. Continuously trying to advise on the best in athletic footwear, the Cantrell Center frequently teams-up with Run Fit Sports to collaborate on what is best….and what’s not!