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Recap: Cantrell Wellness Center Open House on 10/11/19

We welcomed newcomers to the Cantrell Wellness Center Open House on Friday, October 11th, 2019. After check-in, attendees sat down while Tassie Cantrell, CEO and President of the Cantrell Center, talked a little bit about the range of services offered at the Cantrell Wellness...

Donna Tant Leads Exercise Demonstration for the Newcomer’s Club of Warner Robins

Donna Tant led the group in both seated and standing exercises.  Donna has a way of transporting people from the room they’re in to an imaginative place where exercise is enjoyable.  She had members stick their legs directly in front of them and do flutter kicks as if they were...

Woodworking for Parkinson’s

Athritis Foundation Certified Aquatic Instructor, Donna Amos, had a chance to speak with regular attendee of the Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program, Bob Cummins, about his love for woodworking and how it has helped with Parkinson’s.  Read the questions and answers below...