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PRI & Dental Integration, A Learning Moment…

…Flat-Plane Splint to ALF to Flat-Plane Splint to ALF! Here, in Georgia, the Cantrell Center has been working hard to increase the number of patients we see who may need dental integration.  As we have gradually opened our doors to this concept, we have incorporated the...

The Cantrell Center was a classroom this weekend!

We want to thank Lori Thomsen, MPT, PRC for flying down from Nebraska to teach Pelvis Restoration here in Warner Robins, GA!

Meet the Cantrell Center Team!

  • Sarah Held
    Evening Wellness Receptionist
  • Mary Oakley, PT, CHT, VPOP
    Vice President of Production,
    Physical Therapist,
    Certified Hand Therapist
  • Linda Bratcher, MPT
    Master of Physical Therapy, Vestibular & Balance Disorders
  • Donna Amos
    Arthritis Foundation Certified
    Aquatic Instructor
  • Alex McWhorter
    Certified Water Aerobics Instructor, Physical Therapy Aide
  • Connie Sorensen
    Registration/ Insurance Verification
  • Kaley Guenthner
    Medical Records
  • Brianna Proctor, DPT
    Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Erin Bennett, PTA
    Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Donna Tant
    Certified Aquatic Instructor
    Arthritis Foundation Certified
  • Cindy Rice, PTA, PRC
    Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Postural Restoration Certified
  • Alice Maturana
    Patient Services Coordinator
  • Thomas Bell, DPT, FMSC, YBT
    Doctor of Physical Therapy, Functional Movement Systems Certified, Y-Balance Test Certified
  • Faith Sandoval, PTA
    Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Lola Rosenbaum, DPT
    Doctor of Physical Therapy, Aquatic Therapy Specialist, Pelvic Floor Specialist
  • Jen Zamora
    Wellness Administrative Supervisor
  • Jessie Tanner
    Exercise Physiologist,
    Wellness Trainer,
    ACSM Certified
    Personal Trainer
  • Alaina Richardson
    Physical Therapy Aide
  • Dina Johnson, PTA
    Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Janet M. Cooley, VPA
    Vice President of Administration
  • Gabriel Jones
    Certified Water Aerobics Instructor
  • Julie Lightfoot
    Water Aerobics Instructor (PRN)
  • Patricia Ervin
  • Ken Smith, PTA
    Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Tanya Sheck
    Billing, EOB Posting
  • Lillian Huff
    Member Services Coordinator
  • Riley Seymour
    Exercise Physiologist, Wellness Trainer, Water Aerobics Instructor
  • Parija Patel
    Physical Therapy Aide
  • Tassie Cantrell, MPT, CEO, President
    President & CEO,
    Master of Physical Therapy
  • Shelley Harkins, CFO
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Monique Hampton
    New Patient Scheduler
  • Jamie Lochner, DPT, PRC
    Doctor of Physical Therapy, Postural Restoration Certified
  • Cathy Fortson
    EOBP Posting

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement:

To give our clients the confidence that they have been provided the most rewarding health & wellness experience available.

How are we doing?

Do you feel we’ve lived out our mission in your experience with the Cantrell Center for Physical Therapy & Wellness?  We want to hear from you!  We invite you to share your story with us by sending us an e-mail.

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