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Chair & Balance Class: New 3pm Session!

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The Cantrell Center’s Chair & Balance Class has become so popular we’ve had to added a new session:  June 24th- August 2nd. In this 50 minute class, the one of the Cantrell Center’s excellent instructors will take you through strengthening exercises in a...

Doing Away with Self-Sabotage

The power of the mind and self-image can be such a strong asset or hindrance in our lives, especially when it comes to healthy living.  We have the power to push ourselves, have self-control or ruin ourselves and beat ourselves up for our mistakes in all we do.  This variance can...

Are you dizzy or having falls? We do Vestibular Rehabilitation at the Cantrell Center!

Written by: Linda Bratcher, MPT | Published by: Jen Zamora Symptoms of vestibular disorder can include imbalance/unsteadiness, lightheadedness, vertigo, blurred vision, and problems with coordination. Vestibular disorders occur frequently and can affect people of any age: 35% of...