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Gyms Near Me

Gyms Near Me You type in “Gyms near me” into the search engine.  You’re looking to make a change.  Maybe you want to drop some weight or build some muscle.  It could be that you know you need to be more active and finding a nearby gym seems like the most logical next step. Is...

Chair & Balance Class: New 3pm Session!

arthritis pain relief
The Cantrell Center’s Chair & Balance Class has become so popular we’ve had to added a new session:  June 24th- August 2nd. In this 50 minute class, the one of the Cantrell Center’s excellent instructors will take you through strengthening exercises in a...

Doing Away with Self-Sabotage

The power of the mind and self-image can be such a strong asset or hindrance in our lives, especially when it comes to healthy living.  We have the power to push ourselves, have self-control or ruin ourselves and beat ourselves up for our mistakes in all we do.  This variance can...