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How Much Should I Exercise?

As a health care professional I occasionally get asked, “How much should I exercise?”  The answer to that question can vary according to your goals.   Research shows it takes about one hour of moderate intensity level exercise per day to maintain weight loss.  But to get health...

What is Cross-Training and Why is it Important?

Cross-training is simply varying your exercise.  Typically with exercise, once we find something that we like, we continue to do that form of exercise because it is enjoyable and comfortable.  To some that could be running, cycling, swimming laps, or lifting weights; others enjoy...

Want to get in shape? Try 2 Free Visits On Us!

Here at the Cantrell Center, we are dedicated to helping people reach their health and lifestyle goals in both physical therapy and in our wellness program. We pride ourselves on providing people with a comfortable environment to work out and get stronger, while also getting...