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Effects of Physical Inactivity

Effects of Physical Inactivity Written by Pamela Baker, SPTA Physically inactive or sedentary lifestyle (aka the sitting disease) is defined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as spending less than 150 minutes of moderately intensive activity in a week, or...

Gyms Near Me

Gyms Near Me You type in “Gyms near me” into the search engine.  You’re looking to make a change.  Maybe you want to drop some weight or build some muscle.  It could be that you know you need to be more active and finding a nearby gym seems like the most logical next step. Is...

Chair & Balance Class: New 3pm Session!

arthritis pain relief
The Cantrell Center’s Chair & Balance Class has become so popular we’ve had to added a new session:  June 24th- August 2nd. In this 50 minute class, the one of the Cantrell Center’s excellent instructors will take you through strengthening exercises in a...