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The Cantrell Center is NOW HIRING!

What makes The Cantrell Center a great place to work? We are a collaborative environment, where patient care is paramount and each team member’s gifts and experiences blend to create an atmosphere of integrity and encouragement. As part of our team, you will work side-by-side...

Perspectives from a Student Intern at the Cantrell Center – Intro by Jessica Jay, PTA

The Cantrell Center is a primary clinical internship site for students pursuing their Doctorate as a Physical Therapist or their degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant.  We accept students from all over the country, because we want to “pay it forward”.  (After all, great...

Interested in Becoming a Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant?

Written by: Jessica Jay, PTA, Volunteer Coordinator | Posted by: Jen Zamora Hey There Friends and Family of the Cantrell Center, I wanted to share with you an amazing opportunity that the Cantrell Center offers of which you may not be aware. The Cantrell Center offers an...