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Postural Restoration: Vision & Dental

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Integrative Postural Therapy

Written by:  Mike Cantrell | Posted by: Jen Zamora “How is it possible?” He asked. “How is it possible that this little piece of acrylic in my mouth is doing so much for me? I don’t feel the pain anymore and I can move my neck and my back and my hips! I just don’t understand it.”...

PRI & Dental Integration, A Learning Moment…

…Flat-Plane Splint to ALF to Flat-Plane Splint to ALF! Here, in Georgia, the Cantrell Center has been working hard to increase the number of patients we see who may need dental integration.  As we have gradually opened our doors to this concept, we have incorporated the...

Mike Cantrell Delivers a Talk on the Latest Physical Therapy Treatments at a Dental Conference in Atlanta, GA

Did you know that the Cantrell Center for Physical Therapy is thoroughly engaged in interdisciplinary integration with other health care fields? That’s right, we are working with eye doctors and orthodontists to treat patients with back and neck pain, fibromyalgia and sports...