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Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Classes

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Donna Amos, Certified Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Instructor

Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program is a warm (84-88 degrees) water-base exercise program tailor-made for people with arthritis. This program incorporates gentle activities in a friendly and supportive atmosphere in which people make new friends and try new activities. The Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program is proven to decrease pain and depression and improve functional ability, range of motion, muscle strength, and aerobic fitness.

Arthritis Classes take place in the pool on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We have back-to-back classes on these days, one from 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM and another from 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM.  Due to limited space, Arthritis Classes are reserved for those physically unable to participate in Water Aerobics.

If you are ready to put an end to the cycle of arthritic pain, please give us a call today: 478.333.6777

Listen to what participants of the Cantrell Center’s Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program have to say:

“Since joining the Cantrell Center Arthritis Class approximately a year ago and following the MyFitnessPal diet plan, I have lost over 30 lbs. and dropped two pant sizes.  I have a lot more energy and mobility.  [Before] I was having a lot of pain in my knee and having difficulty walking.  I now walk my dog several times a day and am able to work in my flower bed at home.  I am very pleased with my results and look forward to continued success.”

— Edward Flanagan

“Not only is the exercise program great for me; the friendships I have gained in the classes has been a blessing.  I feel like the classes are my “Cantrell Family” and many times their concern and support have helped see me through some difficult situations.”

— Evelyn Davidson